Ride Power Chargers

Mobile CELL PHONE CHARGER SYSTEM for all sports vehicles.

More than just a charger... it's a life saver.

Whether off road or on the highway, we make sure you don’t lose touch.

RidePowerUSA offers rugged, Kevlar reinforced, all weather cell phone chargers for motorcycles, ATVs, jet skis, scooters, motorized wheelchairs and snowmobiles with a 3 year limited guarantee.

100% Marine Ready

Our cell phone chargers are made for anything. Water resistant with few connection points, the weakest link in the charging path is your mobile device.

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Don't deal with the mess

As simple as plug it in and go. With no complex wiring harnesses to deal with or converters to install, you can get connected on the spot.

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We guarantee reliability

We promise our products will work. If for some reason it stops working, we’ll replace it. Simple as that.

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Are you ready to stay connected?

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